Taking back our state, one proud West Virginian at a time 


It's hard to describe, but a feeling fellow West Virginians know so well. Wether you were born here or are a transplant, these mountains, rivers and forests are something you can't shake - it's in your blood. This is home to many people and for them, there is no struggle to stay. We came to know many of these West Virginians that felt like we do, and decided to do our part to help the morale and pride of our fellow WV'ers - so Wild & Wonderful Lifestyle Co. was born.

We hope to highlight the Mountain state while helping better it, too. Many of our products benefit causes that are near to us - river restoration, homeless veterans programs, animal shelters - so you can feel good about your purchase. You can find details on where we donate to on our products pages. Eventually, we hope to tie each of our products to an appropriate cause.

WWLC is based in Grafton, so when you purchase from us, you're putting money back into the state, instead of purchasing from a national or out-of-state chain. We use small, local producers whenever possible and help out in our local community.

We hope you'll join us on our journey to better the state. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook where we share our products and glimpses into our wild and wonderful lifestyle. Please share yours with us by using the hashtag #wildwonderfullifestyle or tagging us in your photos! We hope to see you out in Almost Heaven!

Live Wild & Wonderful.