Wild & Wonderful Wildlife: Brook Trout

Image Credit: Maryland DNR

Brook Trout

West Virginia has so many species of wildlife that identify with our state, itself. A couple of these majestic animals include the northern cardinal, brook trout, and black bear. We would love to shed some light and help others to appreciate the natural wonders of West Virginia. West Virginians love fishing and hunting. It is no surprise that our next featured wildlife would be a fish. You can find some of the best fishing in the United States in West Virginia. From fly fishing to regular fishing with a typical rod and reel, you can do it all here. 

Scientific Name: 

Salvelinus fontinalis


According to the National Wildlife Federation, "The brook trout—also called the speckled trout—is a beautifully colored fish with yellow spots over an olive-green back. The spots along the trout’s back are stretched and almost wormlike in shape. Along its sides, the brook trout’s color transitions from olive to orange or red, with scattered red spots bordered by pale blue. Its lower fins are orange or red, each with a white streak and a black streak, and its underside is a milky white. A brook trout usually reaches 9 to 10 inches (23 to 25 centimeters) in length."


Olive-green with yellow speckles. You'll find that many brook trout have a reddish-orange colored belly.


9 to 10 inches (23 to 25 centimeters)

Where to Find

Brook trout can be found in some streams throughout the state. A few spots that might be worth looking into include: Elk and Greenbrier River. We recommend checking with the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources and local fishermen to discover the best spots. 


We would love to see pictures of you with your brook trout caught in the Wild and Wonderful State. Really, we would love to see pictures of you catching any fish. Tag us in your photos on Instagram and Facebook or send them to us directly! We can't wait to see what you catch.