Wild & Wonderful Guide to Grafton


Our Wild & Wonderful Guides are meant to give you a quick glimpse at the towns, cities and areas we love in hopes that you'll be encouraged to explore West Virginia. They are in no way inclusive of all the amazing options in each place. 

Grafton is the charming little town in Taylor County that Wild & Wonderful Lifestyle Co. calls home! Located about 25 miles from both Morgantown and Clarksburg, Grafton is the perfect place for a day trip or weekend get away. Here's your wild and wonderful guide!


Tygart Lake Lodge

(Image: WV State Parks)

Tygart Lake State Park

Tygart Lake State Park has two options for accommodations. The park's campground has 40 camping sites and the lodge, which boasts beautiful views of the lake, has 20 guest rooms. Both options are very reasonably priced.


Espresso Yourself

Located on Main Street downtown, Espresso Yourself is a cute little coffee shop with the strongest espresso and best chai teas you will ever have! They always have an assortment of sweets and recently started offering meal options like paninis and salads! We suggest stopping by after taking a yoga class with Appalachian Flow WV.

Gourmet Express

Gourmet Express always has great, fresh meals and the quaint restaurant is always clean and welcoming. Their menu often includes specials like whiskey barrel sirloin and baby clams and mussels. YUM!

Leonard's Grill 

Also located on Main Street, Leonard's is the perfect quick stop for a hoagie or something fried. No fuss, just good food!


Explore Tygart Lake

Hike the Dogwood Trail through to the Dam Trail, or rent a kayak or pontoon boat from the Marina and head out on Tygart Lake. The second largest lake in West Virginia, Tygart is deep, cool and beautiful - and much less busy than other nearby lakes!

Honey bees at Tygart Dam

Visit the Dam

The Army Corps of Engineers maintain Tygart Dam, and their visitor's center is a great, educational stop! Adults and children can enjoy learning about the dam and taking it in from the overlook. In the visitor's center, you can view the inside of an active honey bee hive, play in an augmented reality sandbox and learn about the wildlife and fauna located in and around the lake. It's a must stop!

Pay your respects at the National Cemeteries

Grafton is home to West Virginia's only National Cemeteries. Take a walk through the older, or a drive through the newer, either cemetery will have you feeling extra proud to be an American. It's truly breathtaking and a wonderful tribute to all those that have served our country.

Fun Fact

Grafton is the birthplace of Mother's Day! Downtown, you can check out the Mother's Day Shrine downtown, or tour the Anna Jarvis House on U.S. 119.

We hope you'll visit Grafton and check out some of the spots we listed. If you do, be sure to tag us in all your adventures through Instagram or Facebook!