Wild and Wonderful Weekend Getaway

Wild and Wonderful Weekend Getaway

As some of you may have seen, we took a weekend trip to Davis, West Virginia with our WWLC ambassadors to shoot the spring line. This was a much need, refreshing weekend to recharge and experience Wild and Wonderful West Virginia. From Dolly Sods to Blackwater Falls State Park, we had SO much fun and took SO many pictures. Keep reading as we recap our weekend getaway.


Location: Davis, West Virginia

Date: April 12-14, 2019

Who: Wild and Wonderful Family (Owner, Ambassadors, and Others)

Why: Spring Photoshoot and Bonding

Our weekend getaway saw a lot of familiar faces but also brought so many new people to get to know. What is the best way to get to know new people? Spend an entire weekend with them sharing a house, hiking, and taking pictures! It is safe to say that we made a lot of new friends that we hope to see much more often. 

The first night comprised of introductions, friendships, and a lot of laughs. However, Friday is a work day for most of us, so the fun really began on Saturday. Saturday was photo shoot day. We traveled in a four-car convoy from our temporary home in Davis to the top of Dolly Sods. Dolly Sods provided the perfect, beautiful background for the first set of images for the launch of the spring line. After a few hours of pictures, rocks, and some serious wind, we decided to call it for lunch.

By the time we returned for lunch, everyone was pretty exhausted and ready for some food and a quick power nap. A few Chick-fil-A sandwiches later and it was safe to say that we were all in food comas. While some of us took naps, our photographer some puppies arrived. This meant it was almost time to get the photoshoot started again.

Our new home and the surrounding area provided the perfect backdrop for some impromptu photos. (We may have even broken out the flower crowns to celebrate one of our new favorite shirts) After a quick few photos, we were on our way to the last stop of the day, Blackwater Falls State Park. 

Blackwater is one of the most beautiful places full of waterfalls and gorgeous overlooks. We finished the last of the photos here. We climbed some trees, stood on the edge of a cliff, and trecked to the bottom of a waterfall. (Keep an eye out for some amazing photos) Last, but certainly not least, we all got together for a group picture on the bridge to celebrate a successful, fun day.

The day ended much like the trip began...food, friends, and fun. Sunday, unfortunately, had to head home, back to the real world. We want to thank our ambassadors, photographers, friends, and everyone who made this weekend incredible. Keep an eye out for the spring line, COMING SOON...