Wild and Wonderful Locations: Falls of Hill Creek

Image Credit: Kyle Klotz

Hello, Wild and Wonderful readers,

Our location posts are meant to give you a more in-depth glimpse into outdoor areas that are near and dear to our hearts. These places are great for hiking, adventures with furry friends, and beautiful Instagram pictures. We hope you'll follow along with us and take on an adventure of your own. Lastly, we hope you remember, "Mountaineers are Always Free."


Tucked away in the mountains of Hillsboro, West Virginia, the Falls of Hill Creek consist consists of three different waterfalls. The heights of these waterfalls range from around 25ft-65ft tall. The walkway down to features a well-kept trail, boardwalk, and steps. The last, largest falls, is reached by a large metal stairway. This location is located in the Monongahela National Forest.


If steps are not your thing, this trail might not be for you. Even after a full summer of exercising for work, the steps still left me huffing and puffing. Best piece of advice, wear good shoes and take your time. The trail consists of a gently sloping trail, boardwalk, and stairs. You may find the metal stairs down to the overlook to be a tad disconcerting, but the structure is completely safe.


This location is an amazing addition to your summer bucket or road trip list. Not to worry, the trail is rather short and not overpopulated. There is plenty of parking available by the trail and portable restrooms are provided. As with all of the portable restrooms in Monongahela National Forest, they are overall well-kept. This location is beautiful in all seasons, especially summer and fall.

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