Wild and Wonderful Halloween

West Virginia isn't just a place for outdoor adventure, our state has some amazing, spooky locations. We're here to help you find the perfect spot to visit this Halloween. Whether you're interested in a frightful night, full of scares or just interested in a fun night out with the kids, we have you covered. 

What to Wear

Our fall collection provides the perfect wardrobe for Halloween events. We recommend our "Mountain State" and "Almost Heaven: Fall" long sleeves, along with the new "Seneca Shadows" flannel. Since most of the events occur at night, the temperatures are sure to be cool. Our state beanie is also a great choice to stay warm and wild and wonderful.


Fright Nights - Daniels, WV

Located at The Resort at Glade Springs, Fright Nights offers many different attractions. Some of the attractions include the Appalachian Anarchy haunted trail, 3D Nightmare, and Biohazard laser tag. We recommend leaving children under 12 at home, while you enjoy this spooky attraction. Tickets for the events range from $10-$15, and for an all-inclusive pass, pay $22. 

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Aslym Hospital of Horrors - Weston, WV

The Aslym is always spooky, but during Halloween, the haunted halls turn it up to 100. We would say that this is the perfect historical, Halloween location. However, we would say that this West Virginia attraction is not for the faint of heart. Once again, we advise you leave the children at home. VIP Hospital of Horrors tickets will cost you $40, but you skip ticket and entrance lines. (We think it is worth it, especially on Halloween)

The Apollo Haunted Civic Theatre - Martinsburg, WV

Are you looking for old-fashioned Halloween fun? This is perfect for all of the people who are looking for a relaxing time and maybe even a few laughs. A part of "Apolloween" are ACT escape rooms, paranormal investigations, and a few performances of Rocky Horror Picture Show. As for the price of these events, the Rocky Horror Picture Show cost $15 and the ACT escape rooms cost $25.