Wild and Wonderful Guide to Davis


Image Credit: Backwater Falls State Park

Our Wild & Wonderful Guides are meant to give you a quick glimpse at the towns, cities, and areas we love in hopes that you'll be encouraged to explore West Virginia. They are in no way inclusive of all the amazing options in each place. 

Davis is a hidden gem, located in Tucker County, West Virginia. Adventure enthusiasts and those interested in exploring small towns, flock to Davis to experience the charm that the town has to offer. From the famous Blackwater Falls to the Hellbender Burritos, Davis is the perfect place to spend the day or weekend.


Blackwater Falls State Park Lodge

Looking to stay where you play? Blackwater Falls State Park Lodge is the perfect place to stay if you're looking to be located nearest to the falls and other trails, Located in the heart of Blackwater Falls State Park, the lodge offers an affordable, quality overnight experience. Equipped with a pool, this lodging option is a crowd pleaser.

Image Credit: Canaan Valley Resort

Canaan Valley Resort

Canaan Valley Resort has beautiful views and a great location. If you love golf, hiking, or winter sports, this resort is perfect for you. Business or pleasure, the resort has accommodations for everyone. The hotel is fully equipped for events or conferences. 



Hellbender Burritos

Perfectly quirky and yummy, Hellbender Burritos is a hotspot for tourists visiting the area. This restaurant is famous for their overstuffed burritos and tacos. Dietary needs are no problem for Hellbender burritos, with vegan options ready to go. Also, you can enjoy a cold, local draft beer as you eat.

 Image Credit: Candace Lately

Sirianni's Cafe

Famous with the locals, this is the best pizza around. A staple in the community, Sirianni's is the epitome of family owned and friendly. With its old-school vibes, Sirianni's will give you a blast from the past that will leave you wanting more. YUM!

Logo by Wicked Wilderness Pub and Parlor 

Wicked Wilderness Pub

A perfect bar scene combined with local cuisine. Wicked Wilderness Pub is the perfect place to grab a beer or dinner with friends after a long day on the trails. The outdoor seating will allow you to stay connected with the wilderness while enjoying their comfort food.


Blackwater Falls State Park

You can't come to West Virginia without seeing Blackwater Falls. The falls stands at 52-feet tall and is named for the water color caused by fallen hemlock trees. Camping, hiking, fishing, and snow sports are just a few of the options the state park has for visitors. 

Canaan Valley Resort State Park

A trip to Canaan Valley is perfect for any season. Known as one of West Virginia's major ski resorts, Canaan Valley draws a huge crowd during the winter months, for their winter sports accommodations. Along with the snow sports, there are some killer hiking trails at the park.

Image Credit: West Virginia State Parks

Fairfax Stone Historical Monument State Park

This historic stone marker marks the boundary between Maryland and Virginia. Resting in Grant, Taylor, and Preston counties, this stone is a popular spot to visit for West Virginia Natives. This park is perfect to hike or simply enjoy this scenery for an afternoon picnic.

Fun Fact

The name “Blackwater” originated from the reddish-brown hue of the river, which is caused by tannic acid from evergreens growing along the river banks and iron oxide from the Mauch Chunk shales underlying a large part of Canaan Valley, where the river’s main stem originates.

We hope you'll visit Davis and check out some of the spots we listed. If you do, be sure to tag us in all your adventures through Instagram or Facebook!