Top 3 West Virginia Foods


 Image Credit: The Picky Apple

Top 3 West Virginia Foods

West Virginia has many foods that we claim as our own and hold dear to our hearts. If you are a life long West Virginian, you probably have been eating these foods for your entire life. We would love to share with you some of the most "Wild and Wonderful" foods in West Virginia.

1. Pepperoni Rolls

As every West Virginian knows, pepperoni rolls are the pretty much the state food. Created in West Virginia, the pepperoni rolls are a staple for anyone who visits this "Wild and Wonderful" state. It isn't always as simple as pepperoni and bread! Around the state, you will find pepperoni rolls stuffed with ingredients such as chili, nacho cheese, mozzarella cheese, pepper jack cheese, and much more. You have tasted heaven until you've had a hot, greasy pepperoni roll right out of the oven. 

2. Coleslaw Dog 

We know that hotdogs are everywhere, and we aren't claiming to have invented is food. We are however claiming the delicious "slaw dog." You probably have no idea what we are talking about unless you grew up in the West Virginia hills. A "slaw dog" consists of a regular hotdog drenched in chili and topped with coleslaw. What is one of the best places to grab this West Virginia staple? Stop by any Sunday cookout and you won't be disappointed!

3. Ramps

We couldn't tell you if ramps are more popular as a sport or food! Honestly, this pungent onion-like vegetable will literally knock your socks off when you smell them for the first time. However, once they are cooked into just about any dish, the flavor and aroma are much more subdued. Some of the most hardcore West Virginians will take a bite straight from the raw vegetable! If you aren't into eating them, hunting for them is just as fun. If you find yourself taking a hike, especially in rural areas you might find some people intently looking at the ground. They aren't craxy, they are hunting for ramps!