Top 3 Swimming Holes in West Virginia

Image Credits: Blue Hole/Facebook

It might be fall, but there are still some warm days in store for West Virginia. If you're feeling hot and need to cool down, keep reading for the "Top 3 Swimming Holes in West Virginia."

1. Blue Hole

Located in Preston County, Blue Hole in an iconic swimming spot for West Virginia University students and Preston County natives. Prepare for rugged terrain, you'll need an SUV or truck with high clearance to get to the swimming hole. Some stay for a weekend camping trip, others only stay for a dip in the blue water or a tanning session on the rocks. 

2. Audra State Park

Once again, West Virginia state parks provide the best swimming holes. Audra State Park provides multiple opportunities for a refreshing swim. Located in Barbour and Upshur counties, the park is popular for hiking, swimming, and kayaking. According to locals and those who frequent the park, the main swimming hole is just under the bridge. 


3. Glade Creek

After hiking the trails at and around New River Gorge, you may be in need of a place to cool off. Lucky for you, Glade Creek trail has plenty of opportunities to hop in to the cool, fresh mountain waters. The 5.6 mile trail has an abundance of opportunities for those interested in water sports. With multiple falls (perfect for white-water kayaking) and swimming this trail has something for everyone, Glade Creek is the perfect place to cool down on a hot day.