Top 3 Items to Place WWLC Stickers/Decals

Image Credit: Katelyn Childers and Sarah Stone

Top 3 Items to Place WWLC Stickers/Decals


In our opinion, WWLC has the best West Virginia inspired stickers and decals to go around. Do you know the best way to show your WV pride? Putting our stickers and decals on everything. From your car to your laptop, follow along for our "Top 3 Items to Place WWLC Stickers/Decals."

1. Laptop

I don't know anything more satisfying than putting stickers and decals on a fresh, new laptop. Out of all the stickers I have ever purchased, WWLC has the best ones with the most variety. After over 6 months on my laptop (which I am definitely not easy on) all of the stickers look as good as new. Decorating your laptop is one of the best ways to exercise your creativity and be unique.

2. Water Bottle

There is not a lot that I love more than my Hydroflask. Although, I don't discriminate against any kind of water bottle. (Currently, my collection is 20+) Water bottles are a fantastic way to reduce our environmental footprint and keep a large amount of water with you at all times. Now you may be worried about our stickers getting damaged when during washing? I wouldn't recommend sending the stickers through the dishwasher, but they definitely stand up to hand washing. I am sure that they would hold up in the dishwasher as well, but I would hand wash to further extend the life of these amazing stickers.

3. Car

My car is my baby, second to my laptop. Therefore, putting stickers on the car is a very selective process. Only the best make the cut, and the weak peel off within a few months. My WWLC stickers not only made the cut, but continue to look gorgeous months after application. You won't need to worry about car washes, rain, or windshield wiper fluid, these stickers have made it with me through thick and thin.