New Item Spotlight: Coordinate Cuffs

Coordinate Cuffs

 West Virginia is the BEST! Want to know what else is the best? Highlighting some of the most iconic places in accessory form. That's right, our new coordinate bracelets have the location of Morgantown's Woodburn Hall and Huntington, WV on them. If you're curious about these places, you're in luck! Follow along with us as we explore the Woodburn Hall, and the city of Huntington, WV.



Image Credit: Brian Ferguson

Woodburn Hall

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Woodburn Hall definitely holds a special place in our hearts. If you are unfamiliar, Woodburn Hall is located on the WVU downtown campus. Wild and Wonderful Lifestyle Company's owner is an alumna of West Virginia University. Built in the late 1870s, Woodburn Hall is a staple for all those to attend the University. As one of the most photogenic spots on campus, a photo in front of Woodburn Hall is a must for all students.  LET'S GO MOUNTAINEERS!!!

FUN FACT: Woodburn Hall was recently featured in the new game, Fallout 76.

Image Credit: Raymond James

Huntington, WV 

*Wild and Wonderful Guide Coming Soon...*

We are Marshall! Home to Marshall University, Huntington is one of the most famous towns in West Virginia. Huntington is no stranger to tragedy. In 1970, a Southern Airways Flight carrying the Marshall football team, including coaching staff crashed, killed all passengers on board. Since then, the town has seen an outpouring of love, especially after the hit film, "We are Marshall." Being a college town, there are plenty of unique eateries and interesting things to do in the downtown and Pullman Square area. We highly recommend you check out this historic city.

We hope you'll visit Woodburn Hall and Huntington. If you do, be sure to tag us in all your adventures through Instagram or Facebook!