New Item Spotlight: Adventure Blanket

Adventure Blanket

Feeling cold? You are in luck, the new "Adventure Blanket" is the best way to stay warm during the winter and fall seasons. Coming in 5 West Virginia inspired colors, this blanket is perfect for any West Virginian. If you are feeling like a picnic or reading a book under a tree, this is the perfect addition to any adventure bag.

Item Details:

  • 50"x74"
  • Acrylic Blend
  • 2 lbs
  • **Dog not included with purchase**

When to Use

Fall is the best time to bust out your picnicking supplies. If the ground is feeling a little too damp to sit, the Adventure Blanket will put a layer between you and the cold, damp earth. Another great use for this blanket is a relaxing reading session. We have a few warm, sunny days left before winter is here. One of our favorite ways to enjoy the crisp, fall air is with a nice book. Last, but certainly not least, is using this versatile blanket to keep you warm. This might seem obvious, but this acrylic blend blanket is sure to keep you feeling nice and toasty during chilly, fall and winter adventures.

Where to Wear

Harper's Ferry National Historic Park

Harper's Ferry is one of the most historic towns in West Virginia. Harper's Ferry National Historic Park boasts 19th-century buildings, a civil war museum, and John Brown's Fort. This huge park makes the perfect location to spread out on a blanket and rest in the sunlight. After you are done relaxing, take a hike to "The Point." The Point gives you a vantage point to look into both West Virginia and Maryland.

Seneca Rocks 

If you've looked at our gear, you know we love Seneca Rocks. Adventure enthusiasts flock to Seneca Rocks for rock climbing and a rather strenuous hike. If you are afraid of heights, let the rest of your the group hike to the top of the rocks. While you wait, lay out the blanket under a tree, looking toward the rocks while you read. (You may even catch a glimpse of hikers reaching the summit) 

Summersville Lake

It may be too cold to swim, but it is never too cold to visit Summersville Lake. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of other things to do at Summersville Lake. Kayak or canoe the lake to check out the cliff sides and the changing leaves. If the water isn't for you, sit by the water on our Adventure Blanket. The lake is the perfect place to watch to migrating ducks, geese, and swans or take the family out on a beautiful fall day, to picnic and walk along the shore.