Christmas at the Greenbrier

Photo Credit WV Tourism

Christmas at the Greenbrier

Christmas is just around the corner and West Virginia is the best place to celebrate. One of the most magical, historical places to visit, is the Greenbrier. While this location may be pricey, it is the thing of Christmas dreams. 


The Greenbrier Hotel is one of West Virginia's fanciest historical landmark. Once in their lifetime, every West Virginian should make a trip to visit. Located in White Sulfur Springs, the resort was built in 1858. In the late 1940s, the resort was decorated by Dorthy Draper, these decorations continue to adorn the rooms. Another notable, piece of history is the bunker, located on the grounds. The bunker, originally a Cold War fallout shelter, is now open to the public for tours.

Photo Credits: Tripadvisor, Greenbrier Hotel

Special Christmas Activities 2018 

Events held at the Greenbrier range from crafts to ballet. The start of the events in 2018 include crafts, a tree lighting, and then festive hot chocolate. On Christmas Day, there are multiple planetarium showings as well as a special service. On the last day of special events, the resort holds a ballet, mentalist show, as well as many opportunities to eat festive foods.




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