Best of 2018

We'd like to start out by thanking you for an amazing year. We have grown tremendously, not only our business but our community. You, our supporters, are so amazing and are the reason that we have grown so much. Lucky for us, we have you. Lucky for you, all this growth means lots of new and better gear to come. So, stick around with us and enjoy the ride as we embark on another great year. Here's to another year as Wild and Wonderful as West Virginia.

Best of 2018


This isn't too surprising, we were basically founded on t-shirts and they have only gotten better. By collaborating with amazing local artists, we were able to come out with some top-notch t-shirts. Another new, favorite aspect of our t-shirts have been the saying. From "coffee and country roads" to "hills, hollers, home" our shirts with text have really resonated with our community. Thankfully, we are able to provide everyone a t-shirt that best fits who they are with are artfully designed, unisex tees. (I will let you in on a little secret.........2019 will be even better)


This year, our sweatshirts came in the nick of time. This winter is supposed to be one of the coldest in the last 10 years, or so we hear, so you'll find us in the sweatshirts until warm weather returns. The sweatshirts were so popular when we launched our fall collection, you sold them out insanely fast. FYI, there are still some left in stock in you haven't been able to get your hands on one.


Like the sweatshirts, our blankets came at just the right time. Cold weather and winter adventure make for the perfect time to put the blanket to use. If you plan to wait out the cold inside, no worries, our blanker is great for that too. Pro tip: Our furry friends LOVE the blankets, so you better find a good hiding place unless you are prepared to share!!

Key Tags

Last but certainly not least we have our key tags! At the rate these sold out, every West Virginian must have one. After a couple of restocks and a bunch of requests, we had to come out with a 304 set so everyone had the chance to show off their West Virginia pride. Lucky for us, you aren't slowing down. Good thing, we have no plans to slow down either. We recommend checking back regularly to see when your key tag might come back in stock.

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