3 Reasons to Look Forward to Spring in WV



3 Reasons to Look Forward to Spring in WV

Springtime is officially upon us! Any season is a good season in West Virginia, but spring is especially beautiful. Flowers are blooming and outdoor recreation areas are opening up. We have a few favorite things that we look forward to every year! 

1. Blooming Rhododendrons

If you didn't know, Rhododendrons are West Virginia's state flower. These are some of the most beautiful flowers in the state. Purple, pink, white, you name it and these beautiful flowers are the most vibrant you can find. 

2. Swimming Hole Season

Swimming holes are an integral part of spring and summertime in West Virginia. The rivers and rocks are starting to heat up. Don't be surprised to see cars parked along the road next to the river or families perched on a rock near the water.


3. The Sound of Spring Peepers

With spring, comes the gorgeous sound of spring peepers. These adorable little frogs can produce a very big noise, especially when coupled with a bunch of other peepers. If you are looking to challenge yourself, go out and try to find one of these little guys in your yard.